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Alamo offers a variety of Chevrolet cars with features you need for a safe and comfortable trip: AM/FM stereo cassette, airbags, tilt wheel and available anti-lock brakes to name a few.

Founded in 1974, the Car Rental Service, Alamo Rent A Car, revolutionized the Rental Car Industry in 1990 when it began to offer collision damage waivers. These new waivers were the first-ever price and coverage option that renters could use to negate small damage that happened within the car. Also, because of their long tradition of supporting leisure travelers, Alamo has developed a strong working relationship with many major airlines. By renting with Alamo, you can get priority rates with airlines or special rates on cars depending on your flight. You can also couple all of those savings with an Alamo Coupon so that you can get the most for your money.

Following its founding, Alamo quickly became a giant rental car service in the vacation rental sector. As evident by their longstanding partnership with Walt Disney World, they have well served their customers for decades and will continue to do so in the future. If you want a Car Rental service that is used to handling the needs of vacation goers, then Alamo is going to be your best bet. Then if you're going to a Disney Amusement park, they should be your first thought considering the linked benefits they provide with the park and Disney Hotels. With such a strong relationship with one of the world's leading tourist attractions, come Alamo's partnership with several leading Airlines. For the complete Disney Vacation, it would be a great start to book an affiliated airline, a discount Alamo Rental Car, and a room at a fine Disney Hotel in order to minimize the legwork, maximize the savings, and extend your leisure as much as possible!

Then, of course, you can reflect on the power of a rental car in general as compared to a taxi or public transit. When you rent a car for your vacation, you are getting value far in excess of what the other options can provide. Value is derived from time and physical cost and so in order to get the most value out of your vacation, you will want to maximize time relaxing, and minimize physical cost. Taxis offer pretty good time saving but abusive cost in money. Busses will offer a nice low fare, but the need to memorize routes and catch the bus at a predetermined location seriously damages your time spent relaxing. You'll be hard pressed to find a better price than our Alamo Coupons! A Rental Car will lend you the best time for the best price creating the most value over the course of your vacation.