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Utilize our rental search box to compare rates between the leading car rental companies like Dollar, Alamo, Thrifty, Budget, Avis and smaller independent rental car agencies. Keep in mind, that company rates differ in how they may show their base rate. Some companies may only show their 7-day (weekly) rate. So, if you happen to need a vehicle for 9 days, be sure to find out their daily rate, and simply add two single day rates to their weekly rate. Just be sure that when entering pick up and drop off dates online, you proceed far enough to find a total price including all fees.

Does the return time of day matter? The hour of the day you return the vehicle is important. If you need a rental vehicle for a day, then utilize the entire 24 hours and return it. If you return the vehicle 28 hours after picking up, there will be an hourly rate charged to the additional four hours, and this may get expensive. You may be better off returning it after an additional 24 hours of use, if the extra time can be used.

Is an online reservation a legitimate booking? Yes, it is. Just because a credit is not needed in some cases to reserve a rental, the reservation is a legitimate booking. If you only want to find out a rental rate take the rate search as far as you can to find out the total price, including all taxes and fees and simply stop or close out of the window before entering your name. If you never enter your credit card information, you obviously can't be billed or charged. Although entering your full name, email address, and phone number as well as clicking the 'make reservation' button, will reserve a vehicle, it does not mean you are obligated to pick it up. It only means the vehicle is reserved for your pick up. If you should change your mind or find another rental at a better rate, simply do not pick up the vehicle. But you will normally receive a confirmation number via email for every reservation you make. It is recommended that you only reserve a single vehicle so as to not hold up available rentals or tie up inventories.

What kind of vehicles are available for rent? Many varieties of rental vehicles are available to you. Some companies have 8 or 12 passenger vans, PT Cruisers, luxury, and even smaller sport utility vehicles for rent. Consider the number of persons, size and/or age of the persons, distance, time, budget, road type, weather, comfort, and amount of luggage when determining what type of vehicle to rent. Most companies offer economy, compact, intermediate, full size, premium, luxury, SUV, convertible, and minivans. One rental company may have a better price on an intermediate but a higher rate on economy sized vehicles. So, its important to check all possible rental companies. Our rate searcher will do the work for you, and let you view all available rates.

What are black out dates? Keep in mind that most rental companies have 'black out' dates. Black out dates are those days on and around holidays or busy periods based on local events. During holidays there is a high demand on the car inventory and therefore any special discount rates are not available. Be aware that you may have to pay a higher rate if you are picking up on or the day before a holiday. But as is always the case, there may be exceptions.

One way rental or return to same location? Know that one way rentals are usually more expensive and are harder to find. Some rental facilities do not even give you the option of dropping off at a different location. Minimal cost of a rental car occurs when you pick up and drop off to the same rental facility or location, and they prefer it that way. Its easier to keep track of their inventory and rental vehicles don't have to be brought back or swapped.

Hours of operation? Unless you are booking from a major city airport facility, the hours of operation could have an impact on your travel plans or wait time. A lot of secondary rental facilities are not open 24 hours a day and therefore you won't be able to pick up your reserved vehicle. Please do your research and check online with the rental location hours. Most open early and close very late but there are those, in smaller cities or in hotels, that may only provide rentals from 9am to 6pm. Check the hours of operation of each facility before finalizing your travel plans.

What is an airport code? They are a group of 3-letters given to a particular airport by the Federal Aviation Association to identify each airport. Rental car companies use this 3-letter code to identify the facilities located in or adjacent to that airport. Know your 3-letter airport code or utilize our 'Find airport code' selector found on the front page or any city page. You will need to enter your 3-letter code into any online booking service page.

What if I need to pick up at a location other than an airport? Some rental car facilities are not located on or near airports. Some may be found at a hotel or possibly a bus or train station. In the case you need a rental vehicle from a location other than an airport, please visit each individual rental car company's website below and enter your city to pick up in. It is usually more cost effective to pick up your rental car at a location off airport. Airport locations usually have to pay additional taxes and tariffs for being at the airport.